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IGP Coteaux de Tannay

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IGP dated 2011



Location: IGP Coteaux de Tannay wines are made in an area covering 56 communes in north east Nièvre; the vineyards grow chiefly along the western hillsides, their slopes facing south along the valleys of the River Yonne’s tributaries and on the many hillsides scattered across the basin carved out by the Yonne and its tributaries. The vines are planted mainly at around 150 and 250 m above sea level.

Vineyard area: 26 ha.

History: Tannay is a small, historic town north-east of the Nièvre, overlooking the valleys of the Yonne.

In the 14th century, winegrowing was the region’s chief economic activity. The wines – known as Vin de Clamecy – were shipped by river (along the Yonne) from the port of Clamecy.

In the 19th century, the vineyards covered some 3,000 hectares and accounted for over half of the region’s income. But then in 1875 came the phylloxera crisis. The vineyards were replanted with American vines, but these did not give the desired results, and replanting was hampered by the heavy loss of life during the First World War.

The vineyards experienced something of a renaissance at the end of the 1980s, and the area was classified as IGP in 2011.

Soils: The vines are planted on slopes at altitudes of 150 – 250m above sea level. Soils here are mainly chalky clay, on formations dating from the lower and upper Bathonian. There are three main soil types: the ‘petites terres’, rich in pebbles and stones and very free draining; the clay-rich ochre soils; and the lighter- coloured soils with a fine texture, known locally as ‘blanchées’.

Climate: The vineyards are protected from westerly winds by a bank of wooded plateaus. Rainfall is lower than elsewhere in the region, while total sunshine hours are higher.



Average annual production over the last 5 years: 680 hl.

Whites: 550 hl,

Reds: 100 hl,

Rosés: 30 hl.


White wines are made chiefly from Chardonnay and Melon.

Reds use mainly Pinot Noir and less commonly, Gamay.

Rosés and gris also contain Pinot Gris.


Tasting Notes

IGP Coteaux de Tannay wines are largely well-structured, supple, light and pleasing.