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AOP/AOC by decree dated 31st July 1937, amended 28th June 2011



Location: The Pouilly-sur-Loire vineyards lie in the Nièvre département on the right bank of the Loire, taking in the  communes of Pouilly, Mesves sur Loire, Tracy sur Loire, St Andelain, Les Berthiers, St Martin sur Nohain, St Laurent l’Abbaye and Le Bouchot.

Vineyard area: 27 ha (Chasselas).

History: The Pouilly vineyard appears to have been officially recognised as early as the 5th century. They were   then developed by monks in the 12th century (a plot of land facing the Loire is still called the “Loge aux Moines”); the monastic influence grew stronger still when the Pouilly lands were passed to the Bénédictins de la Charité for the sum of 3,100 sous and one silver Mark.

When the Briare canal opened in 1642, the wine trade set its sights firmly on the Paris markets. From 1860 to 1890, the vineyards grew Chasselas table grapes, sending  them by rail (the railway arrived in Pouilly in 1861) to supply  the  capital. In 1929, once the phylloxera crisis was over, two a special vineyard areas were was identified; one to to be planted with Sauvignon Blanc for Pouilly Fumé, the other with Chasselas, for Pouilly sur Loire. Both achieved AOC status in 1937.

Soils: A varity of soil types can be identified here: Barrois and Villiers limestone (caillottes), Kimmeridgian marl with oyster shell, clay/limestone and siliceous clay.

Climate: Temperate with a continental influence. Temperatures vary widely, from -1°C in the winter to 26°C in summer. Annual rainfall is around 720mm.



Average annual production over the last 5 years: 1,300 hl.

Base yield: 65 hl/ha.

Varietal: Chasselas.

Growing practices: Minimum planting density: 6,000 vines per hectare with a high and low trellising system.

Pruning: Single guyot, cordon de royat or gobelet.

Tasting Notes

Pouilly sur Loire wines are fresh, vibrant and thirst-quenching in the truest sense of the word; deliciously easy-drinking.

Aging potential: 2-3 years


Food/wine pairings

Serve alone as an aperitif, or with dishes such as fried Loire fish or prawn and pasta salad with mint dressing.